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Our Transhuman Futures
July 26 - July 31, 2016

     I want cordially to invite members of the administration, faculty, and staff to consider attending a session or two as your time and interests dictate.  It's more than papers.  We have a concert, a theater production, and an art show.  We have demos of drones and 3-D printing.  We even have an android giving a talk.

     We have approximately 100 participants.  We have people coming from Australia, Poland and Canada.  We have people coming from Texas, New England, and Florida.  We have alumni and other old friends of the college as well as people new to Juniata.  It is an exciting venture.

Conference Statement 

     To be human is to evolve.  Our species’ evolutionary niche is to enhance itself technologically.   Humanity’s manipulation of its own development goes to our very roots.  We are transhuman at our core.

     The digital revolution intensifies our evolutionary transformation beyond anything we have ever seen.  The boundaries between ourselves and our tools are being rendered obsolete.  It is exhilarating to think through the consequences of experimenting with our own design.  It is also frightening to many.   This conference explores the near future of our quest to redesign ourselves.

     H+ has long since outgrown the narrow domains of scientists and philosophers.  It now inhabits engineering schools. It fertilizes computer science programs.  It generates highly lucrative business opportunities.  Its rhetoric is to be found in biological research, psychiatric and psychological fields, and social engineering experiments.  Its agendas inform our cinema, our literature, and our fashion.   H+has crossed into the mainstream of our culture. 

     Each day of the conference will be dedicated to a specific area of interest to transhumanists.  These areas are Wearable Computing and the Quantified Self, Human-Robot Interaction and the Future of Human Labor, Morphological and Cognitive Enhancement of the Human Base Model, Political and Religious Reactions to the Emergence of the Transhuman.  Along with keynotes on these areas, ample sessions for participant papers and poster presentations are scheduled.  Finally, interest groups centered on specific technologies, art, fashion, and design work will offer many adjunct opportunities for learning and just plain fun .

     To see the schedule of events, go here:

     I request that you consider wearing your name tags so that visitors will be able to "discover you" as a representative of Juniata.  Likewise, you will be able to identify conferees by their distinctive conference name tags and lanyards.  Let our conferees know that Juniata is a place where people think, evolve, act.

Don Braxton

JULY P-CARD--Please review and allocate your charges!!!!

The July VISA card cycle will end at midnight on Monday, July 27, 2015.
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Beginning of Semester Shuttle Service----RESERVATIONS CLOSE FRIDAY August 14th at 5pm!!!

If you are in need of beginning of semester shuttle service, please complete the on-line travel form no later than 5 pm on Friday August 14th, 2015
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Edgewater Acres Annual Float

Rain date was decided. The float is now Saturday, August 8th Summer fun & relaxing day=Floating down Juniata River. So....Join OSA for the Annual Edgewater Acres Float.
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All Clearance an Additional 40% Off Effective 7/27/15 to 8/2/15.
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PJM Energy Curtailment

Reminder: Juniata College participates in the PJM Energy Curtailment program. As a participant in the program, Juniata College is required to reduce our energy consumption to a contractually negotiated limit on the day an event is called.
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Bursar Counter/Info Desk closed 12-1pm

The bursar/info counter in Ellis Hall will be closed 12-1 for lunch July 27th & July 28th. Please plan accordingly.
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Marianna's Hoagie's and Pizza's to benefit Toys for Tots

I'm taking orders for Marianna's Hoagie's and Pizza's to benefit Huntingdon County Toys for Tots
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